Our work is a research: we give our fantasy free rein, when experimenting and manipulating an object in leather.

The researcher proceeds and invents. Given a road, it goes all the way along it, back and forth, and then begins to visit its surroundings. It is the same for us. We explore the leather: creating corners, cutting edges and joining the parts. Every object is an invention, because it is a stage in the research, and never the end point of the production.

Like footprints in the sand, our objects represent a story made up of different chapters. Every element of this story, every collection, has its own independent life. Foglia Couture, Caballito Blanco, Miroirs et Tapis, Bombo, Stecco, Isole, Pouf!, Caballito Blanco#Blanco. Every name in this sequence is a step, a track, a memory.
But what better expresses the idea of our project is the whole set of collections, the direction that they all take as one, like a slipstream along the coast.

Inventing as a job is first and foremost a pleasure. Combining the materials, folding the lines, choosing the colours, modelling, constructing. And above all simplifying, letting the objects be free to invent a new space, observing how they come to modify what they are next to: a room, a place, the everyday routine.

Imagination creates a horizon. The designs are sensed in an ideal world. The next step, the one that allows you to see the images composed in the objects, is the heart of our work. Experience concretizes what is initially imagined and all our production represents this operation.


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